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You Passed With Multiple Flying Colors

, , , , | Right | May 20, 2019

(I work at a fast food chain that also sells ice cream cakes. We are currently running a donation promotion where customers can donate $2 to our local children’s hospital and receive $4 in coupons towards products in the store. A female customer walks in and goes directly to the freezer to look at the cakes.)

Me: *to customer* “Is there any specific cake you were looking for today?”

Customer: “I want the caramel-flavoured cake.”

Me: “Unfortunately, we’re currently out of stock. For that kind of cake, we only have the raspberry flavour.”

Customer: *looking at the raspberry cake* “It was like this, but caramel.”

Me: “Yes, we currently don’t have that particular cake in stock, but we have plenty of other cakes to choose from.”

Customer: *rolls her eyes and struts away* “I’m very disappointed.”

(She finally decides on a cake and approaches the register. She continues to roll her eyes and make “disappointed” faces at me.)

Customer: “I tried to call to order the caramel cake last night but no one answered.”

Me: “Yeah, it was probably pretty busy last night. But if you had called to order one, we wouldn’t be able to do it for today because it’s a special cake and we need 48 hours notice.”

Customer: “Can you write, ‘Happy Birthday,’ on the cake? I want it multi-coloured.”

Me: “Sure.” *as I’m ringing in the order* “Would you like to donate $2 to—“

Customer: “No. I do not want to donate anything. I just want this cake.”

(I proceed to write on her cake. Writing in multiple colours takes a little bit longer than usual.)

Customer: “Well, that took longer than expected.”

Me: “I’m sorry. When we write in multiple colours, it takes longer because we have to switch colours so many times.”

(She rolls her eyes and makes a face. I’m fed up with her attitude.)

Me: “Oh, and if you had let me finish earlier, if you had donated $2 I would have taken $3 off of the cake, so you would end up saving $1, as well as helping sick children. Anyway, enjoy your cake!”

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