You Passed The Smell Test

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(I have had trouble with a delivery company for many years. I can’t even count the number of complaints I have filed over the years. They don’t like to drive down my long driveway in the rural area I live in, so they keep leaving my packages on a neighbor’s front porch. The neighbor, while nice, is a heavy smoker. And when I say, “heavy smoker,” I mean that when she opens her front door, you can see the smoke roll out. On top of that, she has two dogs that she keeps in kennels in her living room while she works. When they have accidents, they dig the poop out and splatter it on the walls. There are no words to describe the horrible smell of her home. Whenever I have a package coming, I try to watch the tracking and run over to her front porch and get it before she gets home. One week I have a lot going on and forget about it. Several days later, the neighbor hands me my package of books. The box stinks so bad I decide I’m not even going to open it. I call the company that sent it, complain, and demand the delivery company come back, pick it up, and pay for a replacement because I will not accept it. They did so, and that evening I get a call from the manager at the hub.)

Manager: “Ma’am, this is [Delivery Company]. I am calling to apologize.”

Me: “Let me guess; you are the lucky duck that got to open that package, huh?”

Manager: “I… I… don’t even know what to say. The smell knocked us back. It stunk up the whole back of the truck. I will be honest, all the complaints… We thought you were just being a bad customer. I’m… We’re sorry. I promise you will never have an issue again. We are contacting the company that shipped this and we will pay for a replacement.”

(And no, I never had another issue with the delivery company putting my packages on a neighbor’s front porch.)

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