You Need To Use Your Brain To Do Your Work

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I shop at the store across the street three or four times a week, usually for whatever I need for that day. Yesterday, I grabbed some hummus on sale and this altercation happened at the self-checkout:

Me: “This item isn’t ringing up properly. It’s not on sale like the tag says, so I’m just going to go over there to check the tag.”

Employee #1: “I can’t leave my post; you’ll need to do it yourself.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. I’m just telling you that I’m going to head over there real quick—”

Employee #1: “I can’t leave my post; you need to do this yourself.”

I walk over to the display and check the price. It’s two for $6, but most people know this just means one for $3 unless stated otherwise. Like I said, I shop often so I’m very familiar with needing to have a price corrected or matched; it probably happens a few times a month. I have a feeling there will be another problem with this employee, so I take a picture of the tag and return to the self-checkout.

Me: “Yeah, the item isn’t scanning properly. Can you price-match it?”

Employee #1: *Annoyed* “What’s the issue?”

Me: “This is supposed to be $3, but it’s scanning as $4.49. I just need the price matched.”

I show her the photo.

Employee #1: “See, that’s two for $6. You need two to get the deal. If you buy another, it’ll be correct.”

Me: “Yeah, it’s two for $6, but that just means one is $3. Some tags only work if you buy the right amount, but this isn’t one—”

Employee #1: “You need two, understand? If you get another, it’ll adjust.”

Me: “I understand what the tag says, but I know this isn’t—”

Employee #1: *Slowly* “You… need… to… get… two… for… it… to… work.”

I look at her, take the hummus out of the bag, and scan it again. Sure enough, the price does not update because that’s not the issue.

Me: “Okay, but obviously, that’s not true, or else it would be correct now.”

Employee #1: “You… need…”

Me: “Can you just get someone else over here?”

Employee #1: “Sure.”

She proceeds to hunt down a specific employee, ignoring two others who were closer — one of whom is a manager I know from my time shopping there — and instead finds her friend who’s about to leave.

Employee #1: *To [Employee #2]* “Can you explain to this person what the issue is? They’re having problems understanding why their item isn’t scanning properly.”

Employee #2: “What’s the issue?”

I show her the photo.

Me: “I just need this price-matched. It isn’t scanning as the labelled price.”

Employee #2: “It’s because that tag is expired. I can still honor the price for you.”

She enters her code and changes the price without a problem.

Me: “She was being really rude.”

Employee #2: “I mean… I can get a manager if you want.”

Me: “I don’t care enough; I just want to leave.”

Employee #2: “Yeah, good… You probably shouldn’t get a manager.”

I’m still trying to figure out what she meant by that.

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