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You Need To Upgrade Your Attitude To Downgrade Your Price

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: ladysilarial | October 12, 2020

A guy and his wife book a room online; the cheapest option which happens to be on our upper floor and has no elevator. This IS mentioned online. A couple of hours later they show up.

We move on to the check-in; confirm the name, price, and such:

Guest: “Can’t you give me a better rate?! We’re AAA and AARP, and military!”

Me: “No, sir, you booked prepaid online unfortunately I cannot give any additional discounts.”

We go to confirming room type, and that they booked on the upper level, which for the record is ONLY one flight of stairs.

Guest: “But, stairs?! We’re old! We can’t do stairs! Don’t you have anything on the ground floor?”

I am thinking of you wanted the ground floor then you should have BOOKED the ground floor.

Me: “Well, I can check but we have been pretty busy. As it turns out I do have one king with a jacuzzi on the ground floor but—”

Guest: *Interrupting*That one! We want it give us that one! Now!”

Me: “Yes, sir, of course I can, but it IS an upgraded room—”

He interrupts again as he turns to his wife. I was trying to tell them since it is late that I could waive the fee since it wouldn’t have sold anyway.

Guest: “You hear that?! Now she wants to charge us more because it’s on the ground!”

Me: “No, sir, it’s an upgrade because the—”

He literally FLINGS his card at me.

Guest: “No, no, it’s fine! Charge the upgrade, whatever.’

Me: “Yes, sir. Give me just a moment to make the adjustment.”

I charge them the $25 it would take to upgrade from what the third-party website paid us rather than just the $10 extra it would have been normally for the upgrade.

If you WANT the fee, sir, I will GIVE you the fee, but if y’all had been half-way polite though you could have saved yourself $30 after taxes!

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