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You Might Say He Has A Dry(er) Sense Of Humor

, , , , , , | Working | September 1, 2023

My dryer stopped working, so I arranged for a technician to come to take a look. He showed up, diagnosed the problem, and got to work.

Me: “Hey, while you’re here… Is there any chance you could switch the door around so it opens the other way? I tried to do it myself but couldn’t.”

Technician: “No, sorry. Only the installers can do that.”

Me: “Oh, all right, thanks. Thought I’d ask.”

When he was done, he called me back and said that everything was good to go.

Technician: “Try it yourself! Toss something in the dryer and turn it on.”

I went to open the dryer and was confused for half a second until I realized that he actually had switched the door around and I was trying to open the wrong side!

Technician: “Surprise! It’s no trouble at all.”

You got me, bro. I love to see people finding fun in their work.

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