You Make A Piercing Judgement, You Get One

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(I am working part-time in the electronics department of a nationwide chain department store. I’m in my early 30s, and I’m only working until the birth of my second child. I am a very friendly male and am considered quite liberal when it comes to equal rights for women; I’d call myself a feminist. The following interaction with one of the 18-year-old full-timers in the department probably shocked this woman who always tries to belittle me for having a second job.)

Female Coworker: “Is that your uniform?”

Me: *looking down, then back at her* “Yep. Why?”

Female Coworker: “No, up there. That.” *points at my ear*

Me: “What? Is there a rule against piercings?” 

Female Coworker: “No… I just don’t like earrings on guys.”

Me: “Oh… Well, I don’t like opinions on women.”

Female Coworker: *looks shocked, stammers for a moment, and walks away amidst the shocked laughter of our coworkers*

(She later came by and apologized.)

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