You Know You’ve Had Too Much To Drink When …

| | Right | January 12, 2008

Customer: “I’ll have a margarita please.”

(I get a margarita and serve it to the woman.)

Customer: “Excuse me, miss? Can I please have another margarita? This one doesn’t have enough quatilia in it.”

Me: “Ma’am, your drink is strong, I can guarantee it.”

Customer: “How do you know there is enough quatilia in this?”

Me: “Because you said “quatilia.”

Customer: “Yeah, and?”

Me: “It’s called ‘tequila.'”

(Customer face turns a nice shade of crimson.)

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  • Trillium

    There’s an old russian anecdote.

    Three guys go to sauna to drink.
    They sit on the lowest bench, have a beer each.
    “Hm, it has no effect.”
    “It ain’t warm enough near the floor, let’s get higher.”
    They sit on a middle bench and have some port each.
    “Still no effect!”
    “Not hot enough to get drunk here. Let’s get higher.”
    They sit on the top bench, and have some vodka each.
    “And still no effect!”
    “That’s some fucked up booze. Let’s go visit my friends who lives nearby, he has pure alcohol.”
    They knock on friend’s door, friend opens and asks
    “Are you guys just from sauna?”
    “How do you know?”
    “You’re all naked.”

    • Fantaman

      God I’m stealing that one

  • CheshireCat

    She could just be mispronouncing it.