You Have To Watch Those Open Doors Like A Hawk

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I’m sitting in the living room with my eighteen-month-old nephew when I hear a thud in the kitchen.

Mom: “OH, MY GOD!”

I start to get up to see what’s wrong when I hear crashing and something glass shattering.


Thinking she might be hurt, I run to the door and open it. My mom is standing in the middle of the kitchen looking toward a window overlooking the back porch. On one of the shelves of the window is a bird. More specifically, it’s a freaking HAWK. The poor thing is terrified and trying to get out the window, knocking everything off in the process.

My mom, sister — who was in another room getting ready for work — and I aren’t really sure how to get it out of the house. The poor thing keeps trying to go out of the two windows that currently can’t be opened and doesn’t seem to notice the one that my mom opened for it. She considers throwing a quilt over it and carrying it outside, but she doesn’t want to hurt it or for it to hurt her. We call animal control who gives us a number for a wildlife expert and the woman doesn’t answer her phone. Eventually, my mom manages to use a broom to herd it to the window, and it flies off. Fortunately, no one was hurt, not even the hawk.

And how did it get in the kitchen? My mom was getting ready to can food and opened the side door so she could take some water to her canner outside on the covered carport. She was filling a pot up to take outside when she heard a thud and turned to see it by the window. It had apparently been swooping for something and managed to fly through the open outside and hall doors, only to crash into the closed window. We’re not sure what the odds are of this sort of thing happening, but it did.

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