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You Have To Spend Money To Make Money

, , , , , | Legal | CREDIT: viodox0259 | December 15, 2020

I work in a casino. Most slot machines don’t give winnings in cash; they give you a ticket to take to a machine. A lot of casinos have machines as soon as you walk through the front doors. A man walks up to one of these machines and sticks in his $100 bill. He doesn’t gamble it; instead, he hits the cash-out button and gets a $100 ticket. He then takes the ticket to the ATM machine to get his $100.

Now, remember, his original $100 bill is in the slot machine. He then takes the $100 from the ATM and goes back to the same slot machine. He repeats this process over a hundred times. Essentially, he’s taking cash from the ATM and loading up the slot machine. He knows he can’t do it too much, because if the slot machine gets full of money, the machine will shut down and the slow attendant will have to take all the cash out.

He deposits over $10,000. Then, he pulls out a small crowbar, cracks the machine open, and makes a run out the front door with all the cash. To my knowledge, he was never caught. But d***, that was pretty smart.

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