You Have To Nip That One In The Bud

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I used to work in a college bookstore at a university in Texas. In addition to books and school supplies, we sold clothing and other paraphernalia with the university name on it. Naturally, we had mannequins for displaying the clothes in the store windows.

One time, we had gotten new mannequins, as the old ones were getting pretty beat up. These mannequins were fairly anatomically correct on the torso, but none of the management or staff thought anything of it until one day we were informed that a lady had come into the office screaming her head off about our “obscene” mannequins. She demanded that something be done about them and ended up writing a letter of complaint to the regional office.

I still wince when I think about the sight of my male coworker sanding the nipples off of the poor female mannequins with a power-sander.

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