You Have To Charge For The Charge

, , | Right | December 3, 2019

(At our parking lot, we have a charger pole for electric cars. It’s for employees only, which it also says on the sign. You need a special pass to get permission to “tank.” I see an unknown car enter our parking lot and park next to the pole. A lady comes out, takes out a cable, and hooks up her electric car. I don’t recognise the lady, but she could be a new employee, so I watch for a moment. It’s obvious the lady is getting frustrated, so I get up and decide to help.)

Me: “Can I help you?”

Lady: “Your pole isn’t working!”

Me: “One of my coworkers just finished charging, so it worked about an hour ago.”

Lady: “Well, it’s giving this error!”

(Our errors are color-coded and I see a bright red ring on the pole.)

Me: “Did you already swipe your pass?”

Lady: “Swipe my pass?”

Me: “Yes, employees can request a special pass.”

Lady: “Employees?”

Me: “Yes, this pole is for employees only.” *points at sign* “You’re not working here?”

Lady: “Of course not! Why would I work here?!”

Me: “I think that’s your problem; you’re not an employee and this pole is employees-only.” 

Lady: “That is ridiculous! Why would you keep this employees-only?!”

Me: “Because the company pays for the electricity?”

Lady: “So?! They are big enough! Honestly, how selfish of them not to share! I expected more of them! They don’t want to help the environment at all! I’ll never come here again!”

(She unhooked her cable, threw it in her trunk, and rushed off. Considering we are an office that only deals with large building companies, I don’t think we’ll miss out on much of her patronage.)

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