You Have To Be Measured To Get It

| Learning | July 16, 2017

(A tradition of my school’s marching band is to tell jokes before each football game. Sections often poke fun at each other, playing off of stereotypes of each instrument. Please note that a mellophone is essentially a marching French horn, and a euphonium is a low brass instrument. I play euphonium.)

Mellophone Player: “What do you call a euphonist not in a military band? Unemployed.”

(Most of the band laughs.)

Euphonium Section Leader: *to us* “Get me a horn joke. Now.”

(One of our section’s sophomores pulls out his phone and looks up a joke for our section leader as another band member tells their own joke. When he finds one, he hands his phone to our section leader.)

Euphonium Section Leader: “What’s the difference between the director and a horn player? Two measures.”

Entire Band: “OHHHHH!”

Mellophone Section Leader: *sincere* “Yeah, that’s fair! That’s fair!”

(This sparked a joke war between the two sections that lasted the entire marching season.)

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