You Have Met An Uber-Jerk

, , , , | Right | October 23, 2019

(I live in a small town in New Jersey within the New York metropolitan area. My mom works in New York City and commutes almost every day via train. On this particular day, I am tasked with picking her up, so I drive to the station. I am just listening to music in the car when I hear a knock on the window. I turn to see a frantic man holding a cellphone with a popular ridesharing app open. I reluctantly open the window.)

Man: “Are you my ride?”

Me: “What makes you think I am?”

Man: “You’re young and you’re driving a high-class car!”

(I was driving a new Subaru, which although nice isn’t what I’d consider high class.)

Me: “Did you also fail to notice that I don’t have the stickers for [App] on my rear windshield?”

Man: “But [App] says that my driver is here and you’re the only other person here!”

Me: “But we’re in a parking lot. Anybody here could be your ride!”

Man: “So you aren’t my ride?”

Me: “No. I’m sorry for the confusion. I’m just here waiting for my mom.”

Man: “But I’m in a hurry! Can you drive me to [Big City that is close to New York and probably a forty-minute drive excluding traffic]?”

Me: *confused* “What part of ‘I’m not your driver’ do you not understand?”

Man: “I’m in a hurry! Just drive me to [Big City]!”

Me: “Sorry, but I don’t work for that company, so it’d be illegal for me to do business with you.”

Man: “You’re a [Asian slur], and I hope you get fired for being rude and refusing me service!”

(The man then angrily left and walked inside the train station. I was completely baffled that I was mistaken for a taxi driver despite having no indication I worked for a taxi company or the fact that I told him several times I wasn’t a driver. I relayed the story to my mom and she had a good laugh about it. I never saw that man again on any of my subsequent visits.)

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