You Have Become The Very Thing You Sought To Destroy! Part 2

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I never thought I would be one of the pain-in-the-butt customers that I read about here. Never say never!

I go to a local gas station that offers a discount if you pay with cash. Before going on to prepay, I calculate the exact discount and how much I would need to request to get $10 in gas after the discount. It comes up to $10.68.

Me: “Can I get $10.68 on pump four?”

Clerk: “Sure.”

Here is where I have a brain fart. I hand her a $20 and she hands me a $10 back.

Me: “Wait a sec. I’m supposed to have another $0.68 more in change. I calculated it so I could get exactly $10 with the discount.”

Clerk: “No, you’re not. You have the correct change.”

This goes back and forth a couple of times with me getting more frustrated. 

Clerk: “Fine. Here’s your change, sir.”

She hands me the $0.68.

Clerk: *Mumbles* “Can’t come up short. I’ll just take it out of my pocket.”

Blissfully ignorant, I walk out and pump my gas. I relate the story to my husband and he looks at me like I’m an idiot.

Husband: “You know she was right, honey.”

Me: “What?! No, she… Oh. Oh, no. I’ve become what I hate!”

I run back into the store with the change in my hand.

Me: “I am sooo very sorry! I’m a complete moron! You were right. Here’s the change back.”

Clerk: *Scowls* “No problem, sir.”

Me: “Again, I am so sorry. I just did to you what has been done to me so many times that I can’t even count it.”

Clerk: “At least you came back and apologized. Most would have just left and still thought they were right.”

Whenever I went in after that, the clerk would get a little smirk when she rang me up. I’d just smile and not say a word. She and I knew what the smirk meant but it was never spoken of again.

You Have Become The Very Thing You Sought To Destroy!

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