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You Hanukkahn’t Keep Them Down, Part 2

, , , , | Right | December 21, 2020

It’s during the holiday season, during which our seasonal area is overwhelmingly overtly Christmas — little Santas, snow globes featuring the nativity, decorations featuring the word “Christmas” somewhere, etc.

While trying to put returns back on the shelves, I get stopped by a woman.

Customer: “Oh, good! Could you help me find some decorations?”

I am a little confused at first, since the area we’re in is full of nothing but decorations.

Me: “Absolutely, what kind of decorations are you looking for?”

Customer: “Well, this might sound a little strange. But in my family, we have a Hanukkah bush, but everything I’m seeing says Christmas and that just won’t do.”

Me: “Right, definitely not.”

I take a split-second pause to think.

Me: “Well, we have an area of tree lights; maybe something there’ll work? Just over this way.”

I lead the woman over toward the tree lights and she spots some other tree decorations that aren’t overtly Christmas. She gleefully picks one of them up and waits until we’ve gotten to the lights to ask her next question.

Customer: “Do you know if you happen to have this in blue? You know we Jews love blue.”

I, in fact, had no idea of the connection between Judaism and blue. I later looked it up, but the rest of the night, I was just so confused by the idea of a stereotype of “oh, those Jews just love blue so much.” 

You Hanukkahn’t Keep Them Down

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