You Had A (Hair)Brush With A Karen

, , | Right | April 15, 2020

A customer comes in holding a hairbrush.

Customer: “Can you help me find a hairbrush like this? I’ve had this for a few years and I can’t remember where I bought it.”

Me: “Well, I don’t think we have this exact same one, but we do have some very similar ones I could show you.”

Customer: “Oh, no, I want to buy another of this one, specifically. Can you scan it and see if it’s in your system?”

She hands me the hairbrush. It has no identifying marks, no branding, and certainly no barcode to scan, but it’s a dime-a-dozen detangler paddle brush. We have, like, ten different hairbrushes across three brands that could easily replace it.

Me: “I’m sorry, but since there’s no brand name or barcode, I can’t look this up in our system, but we have several like it. Would you like me to show you?”

Customer: “Can’t you just type it into the computer and see which stores in town I could find it at?”

Me: “Um, sorry, no, that’s not possible. Our inventory system doesn’t extend to other stores.”

Customer: “Fine! I’ll look for it myself! You’re no help at all!”

She stood near the hairbrushes for twenty minutes, scowling, and left without buying anything.

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