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You Gotta Band Together With Your Designer

, , , , , , | Right | April 30, 2023

I’m at work, and my personal phone rings. I answer, and a guy quickly says he saw me online and wants me to work on some album covers for his band. I say that’s great; I’ve worked on several in the past and always enjoyed working with other creatives.

Instead of introductions and being friendly, he starts to dictate what’s to happen.

Client: “You will do the work while I watch and tell you where to put things. Otherwise, it’ll take you ten hours instead of the three hours I’ve already set for this.”

Yeah, no thanks. I usually take it easy on local bands and give them big breaks, but this guy doesn’t even want to develop that business end of a relationship. My immediate response:

Me: “I don’t work that way. Good luck in finding a designer.” *Click*

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