You Got 100 Problems And A Bagel Is One

, , , | Right | July 31, 2019

(I work at a small sandwich shop in the middle of a shopping centre. Our float in the tills is never very big, so as a result, if anybody pays with a €50 note too early we are screwed for change for hours afterward. Higher denomination Euro notes are commonly forged, so most shops won’t accept them at the best of times. Forgeries can easily be passed off in smaller shops where staff generally don’t check notes.)

Me: “Good morning! What can I get you?”

Customer: “Can I have a bagel, please?”

Me: “No problem!”

(I proceed to make the bagel as quickly as possible as he is the only customer there. While it is heating, I go to the till.)

Me: “That’s €4.50, please, when you’re ready.”

Customer: *tries to give me a €100 note* 

Me: “Sorry, I can’t take a hundred this early on. I have very little change until lunchtime.” 

Customer: *clearly irritated but polite* “Are you sure? It’s all I have.”

Me: “Afraid so. Sorry…”

Customer: “All right, I’ll just go get change, then.”

(I finished making his bagel, wrapped it, and put it beside the grill to keep it warm in case he came back a bit later. Funnily enough, he never came back… But I have to say it was a delicious sandwich!)

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