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You Feel Like A Salmon Swimming Upstream

, , , , | Right | December 29, 2020

I work as a chef, and I’m mainly on the salads. I get an order for a salad with added grilled salmon, cooked well done. I call out the salmon, because the grill is on the other side of the kitchen, so I work on the salad.

I get it done, and it’s just waiting on the salmon. Normally, our orders take less than ten minutes, but the salmon takes a while. Eventually, it goes out.

A couple of minutes later, it comes back and the people working in the front of the house say it has too much dressing. Not a big deal, but they want a new salmon, still well done.

Salmon isn’t cheap, so it’s strange that the people in front told us to remake it without them having to pay for the extra. We remake it, but it comes back again with the same problem, and the people in front tell us to just put the dressing on the side… again with a new salmon.

Two weeks later, we had the same issue. I didn’t find out if it’s the same person, but I have a hunch. Each time, the person complained about how the salmon wasn’t well done. The salmon was cooked well done each of the six times that we made the salad!