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You Either Look Like A Mode, Or You Work There

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I am a short, plump young woman with pale skin, glasses, and dark hair that is sometimes frizzy, sometimes straight, and I have thick bangs. These are some of the things people have said I looked like.

Customer #1: “You know, you kinda look like Ugly Betty.”

Me: “I… um… oh?”

Customer #1: “Well, you know, she actually looks really beautiful without all that makeup on.”

Me: *Pauses* “This is me without the makeup on.”

Anything that begins with the word “Ugly” is not a compliment. A mentally handicapped teenage boy comes up to me.

Teen: “Um… I don’t know if you will like this but… you look like someone on TV.”

I am ready for another “Ugly Betty” comment.

Me: “Oh, yeah?”

Teen: “Um… Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds.”

Me: “I love her! I’ll take that compliment!”

And then the last one:

Customer #2: “You tell her.”

Customer #3: “No, you tell her!”

Me: “What’s up?”

Customer #2: “Well… with that haircut… you kinda look like Edna from The Incredibles.”

Me: *In Edna’s voice* “Oh, thank you, darling!”

They started laughing.

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