You Drive Me To Drink At Extra Cost

, , , , | Right | December 5, 2018

(People can buy part of the kids’ meal without making it a combo, but you won’t get the kids’ meal deal unless you buy an entree, a snack, and a drink. Buying only two items is actually more than buying all three. A woman comes in with her three kids and buys three snacks and three entrees. Believing she wants a kids’ meal, I ask her if she wants a drink; she doesn’t answer me, but continues ordering. I ask her TWICE later on in the ordering process, and she says no. I then repeat the whole order, still believing she wants a drink for her kids and the deal price, but she is fine with the order as is. Then, I cook her food and deliver it to her. Just when I think everything is fine…)

Customer: “Where are their drinks?”

Me: *internal sigh* “You didn’t order them.”

(She throws her receipt down on the counter with force and I pretend I am looking at it, but I know what it says. I try to think of way of telling her that she literally wasn’t listening to me without sounding like I am pointing the finger at her, as she is already yelling at me. I’ve dealt with rude customers before and politely tell them how they misunderstood something, but she really doesn’t listen to me.)

Customer: “It’s your fault! I am going to pay extra! It’s your fault! You also didn’t smile when I first came in here; you were very rude to me! You’re a rude girl!”

(None of this was true, of course; I smiled the whole time when she came in and as she was ordering, as I like kids and I thought she was nice. Then, she actually slammed her credit card on the counter. Now, it would have been very, VERY easy to adjust the price of the kids’ meal on her receipt and get her kids drinks AND the discounted price, so she would actually be getting money back. But… since, she went from 0 to 60 and was telling me that I didn’t smile AND I was rude, I simply got a supervisor to take over for me to complete her order. I let the woman pay extra and complain to the supervisor, while I sat in the back for an early break. So, remember, kids, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.)

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