You Don’t Want To Be In This Employee’s Shoes

| Working | April 11, 2013

(I am at a high-end department store looking at shoes. I am being helped by an employee when, in the middle of our conversation, he walks off to talk to a coworker.)

Employee: *to a coworker* “I hate wasting my time on customers who aren’t going to buy. Look at her! There’s no way she can afford these shoes!”

(Note: I’m in sweatpants, but I’m carrying an expensive purse, keys to an expensive car, and wearing an expensive watch.)

Me: “Excuse me; can you come here for a moment?”

Employee: “Seriously? Fine.”

Me: “I just wanted to let you know that, if you’re going to talk about your customers, you should at least do it quietly. I know that, because I’m young, you assume that I can’t afford this stuff but if you had taken a second to pay attention to me, you probably would’ve seen that I can obviously afford these shoes. That being said, you should treat all of your customers equally well whether you think they can afford your merchandise or not. I don’t care if a homeless person walks in and enquires about your most expensive item, you should treat that person just as well as anyone else. Now I’m taking my business somewhere where they’ll treat me nicely.”

(I walk away, leaving the employee looking dumbfounded.)

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