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You Don’t Want To Be In Her Limelight

, , , , , | Right | September 28, 2021

Some years ago, I worked at a garden center in the annuals/perennial section. A woman came up to me.

Customer: “Where can I find a limelight?”

Me: “That’s actually a color descriptor, not a plant name; quite a few different plants have that color name attached, shrubs right through to annuals.Is what you’re looking for an annual or a perennial? Maybe a bush, a tree?”

Customer: “It’s called limelight!”

And she just kept repeating this. I finally moved to where we could see all the sections and asked what part of the center she had bought it from. She refused to even look and repeatedly stomped her foot at me.

Customer: “It’s called limelight!”

She was the only customer I walked away from in nearly ten years of working at the garden center. I heard later that someone was able to find her plant — I have no idea how— and it turned out to be a perennial that was about fifteen feet away from where we had been standing.

Question of the Week

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