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You Do Not Have License To View

, , , | Right | June 22, 2022

You have to be eighteen to buy tobacco and paraphernalia, but like most shops, we have a “Challenge 25” policy, which means we have to ask anyone who looks under twenty-five for ID, just to be sure.

A young-looking man comes in and asks to buy some filter tips. I ask for his ID.

Customer: “I’m twenty-nine.”

Me: “Okay, but I need to ask anyone who looks under twenty-five. Congratulations!”

Customer: “I’ve got a photo on my phone.”

Me: “Sorry, but I can only accept a physical ID.”

He ignores me and pulls up a photo of a driving licence on his phone, which obviously I can’t accept, but this isn’t the first time someone’s tried this. After five minutes of back and forth, he starts going from quite friendly to clearly irritated.

Customer: “Okay, fine.”

He pulled the physical driving licence from the depths of his pockets, wrapped in a soft cloth. I guess it’s too good for the eyes of a humble retail worker most of the time?

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