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You Do A Number On Me, I’ll Do A Number On You

, , , | Working | January 10, 2023

I approach the deli at my local supermarket to get some meat. They have a red wheel ticket dispenser which I normally have no problem using.

Today, no one is there, so even though I am not in any kind of rush I am happy I can just walk up to the counter and wait a minute until the worker there finishes slicing some meat.

The worker then looks at me, then looks at the ticket number being served on the screen.

Worker: “24!”

Me: “I didn’t get a ticket because…” I gesture around. “…there’s no one waiting.”

The worker then tuts at me and goes back to slicing.

Me: “Excuse me, I am ready to be served?”

Worker: “Not without a ticket you’re not.”

So I get a ticket. It was 44.

Worker: “25! Ticket 25!”

I look around, keeping quiet.

Worker: “26! Ticket 26!”

Again, I make no motion to move.

Worker: *Sighs, like I am the biggest inconvenience.* “What number do you have?”

Me: “No, you can just keep calling the numbers. I’ll let you know when you get to mine.”

I made her call out each number until she got to 44.

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