You Die A Hero, Or Work Retail Long Enough To Become The Villain

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(My mother is the bad customer in this story. We have left our car at a hotel near the airport when we go on vacation. When we come back, one of the tires is flat. We know that a nearby superstore has a tire service and we want [Roadside Assistance Service] to tow us there before it closes. Normally, they give an estimate of forty-five minutes to get to us, but this time it is an hour and a half, which won’t give us enough time to get there before closing. My mom is told that since we aren’t in an emergency situation, they can’t get to us faster.)

Mom: “This is an emergency situation. We just came back from vacation and need to get home.”

(That doesn’t do anything, but we manage to take the flat tire in a friend’s car to the store and have it fixed. As my dad is putting the tire back on, my mom calls [Roadside Assistance Service] back. This is her side of the conversation. Her tone of voice is very harsh through the call.)

Mom: “I want to speak to a supervisor. Transfer me to a supervisor right now.”

(A pause…)

Mom: “I am very disappointed with this service. I have had it for many years, and you couldn’t get to me in less than an hour? I want to cancel my service and get my money back, and I want to lodge a complaint against whoever I talked to earlier. I’m sure that’s on my file. I’m done with your company.”


Mom: “Fine, yeah, whatever.” *hangs up, and then, in a cheerier voice* “Guess we still have [Roadside Assistance Service]. The guy said that I couldn’t cancel since it’s billed yearly and we paid last month.” *laughing a bit* “And I wasn’t really that upset, anyway.”

(I could only stare in shock about how poorly she acted if she wasn’t upset. This is a woman who used to work phones and complained about people like herself!)

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