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You Crack Me Up

| Working | June 29, 2016

(I’m fairly conservative in my behavior; I don’t drink or smoke, I generally stick to the speed limit, that sort of thing. One day, as I was leaving work in the late afternoon, I passed my supervisor and my manager on the way out.)

Supervisor: “Headed home, [My Name]?”

Me: “Yep.”

Manager: “No way. I know you, [My Name]. You’re going to go cruise Main Street for a hooker.”

Supervisor: *playing along* “Yeah, he’s probably gonna go smoke some crack, too, right?”

Me: “Well, if by ‘cruise Main for a hooker’ you mean ‘drive defensively back to my apartment,’ and if by ‘smoke some crack’ you mean ‘eat some of the chocolate chip cookies my wife was baking this morning,’ then, yes, I’m going to go cruise Main and smoke crack.”

(Supervisor laughs.)

Manager: “…Well played.”

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