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You Could Have A More Coherent Conversation With The Parrot

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My store has a parrot who belongs to the owner and is our resident mascot. I help take care of him, and today, I decide to clip some herbs from the garden to take in for him as a treat. Unfortunately, I leave them at home and don’t realize until I am clocking in, so I call my parents who are still home. My dad picks up.

Me: “Hey, there’s a bag of herbs on the kitchen counter that I forgot to bring. Can you stick it in the fridge?”

Dad: “Wait. What, what, what was that?”

Me: “There’s a bag of herbs in the kitchen. Can you put it in the fridge?”

Dad: “There’s what?”

Me: “Herbs.”

Dad: “Okay.”

Me: “Can you put them in the fridge?”

Dad: “Where are they?”

Me: “On the counter.”

Dad: “In the kitchen?”

Me: “Yup.”

Dad: “Uh, where?”

Me: “In a small plastic bag.”

Dad: “Okay, I see, it’s like some kind of powder—”

Me: “No? Fresh herbs. The ones I picked this morning.”

Dad: “It’s in, like, a green-type bag—”

Me: “No… small. Plastic. Ziploc.”

Dad: “Ah, all right, I see it. What should I do with them?”

Me: *Pauses* “Put them in the fridge, please.”

Dad: “Okay.”

Me: “Okay. Thank you.”

Finally, we finally hang up. I immediately turn to my coworker.

Me: “Wow, that was like taking a customer call.”

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