You Co-Sign Like A Girl, Part 2

| Working | July 30, 2017

(I am shopping for a new car with my mom. Note that at the time I am younger, and the car is for my mom. The car she wants is only available at one dealership. As we walk in and ask to see the car the following exchange happens.)

Worker: “Well, you see, the car is inside of the building so for you to test drive it I would have to move everything out of the way, and it’s starting to rain.”

(Note the fact that it is barely drizzling and not expected to rain.)

Mom: “We want to test drive it, so please bring it out.”

Worker: “Okay, okay. If I did take the car out for you, would you be able to afford the down payment?”

(My mom and I are shocked. It takes us a few moments to respond.)

Mom: “Really? I came here driving a newer car made by [More Expensive Car Company].”

(The worker tells us to sit down for a while and leaves. After probably 15 minutes he comes back.)

Worker: “Okay, so, I just wanted to go over the numbers for you. Also, we are going to need to do a credit check to make sure you credit is good.”

Mom: “Can we please drive the car first? I don’t want to go over the numbers until I know that I want this car.”

Worker: “Fine.”

(We go over to the car and see that now there is a handwritten $5000.00 “markup” on the sign.)

Mom: *to me* “Why does it have a markup?”

Me: “I’m not sure but I think we should leave.”

Mom: *to Worker* “I think we are just going to go, thanks.”

Worker: *in happy tone* “Why don’t you just call your husband to buy the car for you and then you can drive off with it today?”

(We never went back.)

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