You Can’t (T)Win

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Teacher: “I can’t believe the number of people who think there could be identical twins, brother and sister! Ugh… It’s not science!”

Me: “Teacher, I actually have two cousins who are identical twin brother and sister.”

Teacher: “Don’t be ridiculous! XX and XY are in no way identical.”

Me: “That’s because my cousins are both XX.”

Teacher: “Then they are twin sisters!”

Me: “No. One of them is a trans-man.”

Teacher: “That’s ridiculous; he is still not a man, medically. There’s no way XX and XY can be identical twins.”

Me: “That is correct, but XX doesn’t have to be a woman.”

Teacher: “So, your cousins look identical?”

Me: “Not anymore, but they’re still identical twins in science.”

Teacher: “It’s amazing, the number of crazy workarounds these days, isn’t it? You can say anything and everything these days. I think we’ve been off-topic enough. Back to the books.”

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