You Can’t Sweep That Reaction Under The Carpet

, , , , | Right | December 10, 2018

(It is one of my first days working at a discount store. I am cleaning when a woman, about 45, approaches me.)

Woman: “Hey, you!”

Me: “Hello there. How may I help you?”

Woman: *holding a small carpet* “Sorry to bother you, but I need to know how much this carpet costs.”

Me: “All right! Just show me where you found it.”

(She shows me where the carpet was; right next to the carpet is a huge sign with the price.)

Me: “Oh, you can see the price right next to it, and it’s even on sale!”

Woman: *looks at me as if I just murdered her family and starts to scream* “I don’t f****** trust you! You don’t know anything about carpets!”

Me: “Well, that’s the price of the carpet. What more would you like to know about it, then?”

Woman: “Nothing, you piece of s***! You know nothing! Get me a woman here who knows about carpets and stuff! Men know nothing about household items! And they will never help out! Just sit on their lazy a**es on the couch all day. I don’t trust men!”

Me: “All right! Have a nice day!”

Woman: *inaudible screaming and cursing*

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