You Can’t Rub It Out And Try Again

| Friendly | June 16, 2016

(In my high school’s gaming guild, we are playing a role-playing game. For every action, you are to roll a 20 sided die. The higher the roll, the worse the outcome; normally you overdo or underdo something. For example, if you try to force open something, you would injure yourself badly. We are currently in jail for story reasons, and are in a break. Note that Student #1 is disliked for reasons I’m not aware of, and people just want to kill him.)

Game Master: “Okay, it’s a break. What do you want to do?”

Student #1: “Masturbate furiously.”

Game Master: *shrugs* “Roll for it.”

Student #2: “If he rolls a 20 he’s ripping his d*** off.”

Student #1: *rolls 18*

Game Master: “Uh… Okay, you bend it 45 degrees. When you try to get the doctor to help, he just laughs at you.”

Everyone: *laughing hysterically*

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