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You Can’t Return Entitlement

, , , , , | Right | December 27, 2018

(It’s a couple of days after Christmas; the lines for returns are longer than the lines for Black Friday were. I am in said line for a slightly different reason than most, it seems; two out of three people end up shouting about credit cards and gift receipts. I don’t like making a scene, so I usually don’t intervene, but as time goes on, I start getting more and more frustrated, until I’m finally next in line.)

Customer: *in front of me* “It’s about d*** time! Do you know how long I’ve been standing here waiting while you were dilly-dallying with all those other people?”

Worker: “I’m so sorry, sir, we’ve just been really busy, but we always try—”

Customer: “No! No excuses; don’t you start with that! I’m so pissed off right now! I’ve wasted over half an hour waiting here, just for you to start wasting more time when I get up!”

Worker: “Sir, I’m sorry, but I can take care of you right now and—”

Customer: “”Oh, I see! Everyone else can take all the time they want, but I have to rush my way through it! I don’t think so! I’m pissed off, and you’re going to hear about it! I just—”

Me: “HEY!”

Customer: “WHAT?!”

Me: “You’re just making things take longer for everyone else behind you! It’s because of idiots like you, feeling like entitled twits that the whole world has to stop and take care of, that THIS—” *gesturing to the whole line* “—happens! So shut up, handle the return, and move on!”

Customer: “I’m not even trying to return something; they screwed up a price!”

Me: “Then hand her the d*** receipt!”

(The customer’s attitude never improved, but at least they got on with it. When the other customer service clerk called me up, she whispered, “Thank you for that,” to me. Having worked retail — and really only needing to exchange a bottle of sauce with a busted seal that had gone funky — I was more than happy to try to get everyone out of there a little faster.)

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