You Can’t Put A Limit On Some People’s Kindness

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This isn’t a big thing, but it made my family and me smile.

With all of the health crisis stuff going around and the quarantine, people have been hoarding anything and everything. So, thanks to that, a lot of items have been limited.

When my mom and I went to get groceries earlier today, we were told that you could only get one bag of a “bread item” such as bagels. We usually get two as I like plain bagels and my sibling likes raisin ones.

So, not wanting to cause a fuss or make it so there won’t be enough bagels for someone else, we give it to the cashier to put back.

But the guy behind us, a cheery-looking man — as well as I can see with his mask on — with some gray hair says, “I’ll buy it for you, then.”

My mother immediately declines, thanking him profusely but saying there is no need. She had asked me if we really needed bagels when handing them to the cashier. I said we didn’t as we still had about three left. 

The guy persists and my mother explains that one of us likes the raisins and one of us likes the plain ones. 

After a bit more thanking and declining, we buy the rest of our groceries and get to our car to put them away in the back.

Then, randomly, the same guy pulls up in his car with the bagels! I am so surprised! For a while now, I have been reading about people doing these incredibly nice things for others but have not experienced it myself.

I have been feeling quite down during this trip to the grocery store because of the current situation our people are in.

When my mother asks the man why he bought the bagels for us, he says, “I couldn’t let this little girl—” I’m no longer a child but I’m only five feet tall. “—not have her bagels.”

After we thank him a couple more times, he drives off. 

It really gives me hope in these terrible times, and I hope that sharing this story here will inspire more acts like this in the future.

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