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You Can’t Mask That Kind Of Crazy

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Because of the recent illness outbreak, the governor has asked all citizens to wear a face mask when out in public, and of course to maintain a minimum six feet distance from each other.

I need to go to the grocery store, so I put on a painter’s mask from my garage and go shopping.

I have just picked up a jar of peanut butter when I hear a loud, screeching voice.

Woman: “Give me that!”

I turn toward the voice just as a hand goes for my face, grabbing my mask. I pull back, causing it to snap back onto my face and into my eyes.  

Me: “What are you doing?”

Woman: “Give me that mask, now!

Me: “No, it’s mine for protection! Back off!”

Woman: “You have one of those nurse’s masks! My daughter is a nurse and she needs it, so give it to me now!

She lunges toward me again but I turn and block her. Store employees have heard the commotion and have arrived on the scene, wanting to know what’s going on. I try to tell them but she is screaming over all other communications.

Woman: “He’s trying to kill my daughter! That’s my mask! He won’t give it to me! She needs it. I want it now!

A male store employee tried to get between her and me, but she continued to attack me.

They got us separated and got my side of the story. Meanwhile, she continued to escalate, screaming that I was trying to kill her daughter, that the mask was hers, etc.

Security had to come to help restrain her until police arrived to remove her. They wanted to know if I wanted to file assault charges. I’m waiting to see how my face and eyes are before I make that decision.

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