You Can’t Mask That Face

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We’ve changed where people wait in line in order to give plenty of space between customers and staff for health reasons. Yes, we have tons of signs, but no, customers don’t read them. 

This customer approaches our lane to unload, but my coworker is still cleaning it.

Me: *Pointing* “Sir, you’re actually going to wait there by the big orange arrow, and we’ll call you over when we’re ready.”

The customer looks confused and puts a hand around his ear in the “I can’t hear you” gesture. I’m talking very loudly — I have stage training and know how to enunciate — but I am on the other side of the bag stand and wearing a mask.

Coworker: *Even louder* “You need to wait over there until we call you!”

Customer: *Extremely upset* “Well, there’s no reason to yell at me! I just couldn’t hear!”

I, along with another coworker and the shift leader who came over to make sure there wasn’t trouble all reply at the same time:

Us: “That’s exactly why I/she had to yell!”

I was hoping that wearing a mask from the eyes down would get rid of the concept of “resting b**** face” but apparently, it’s just mutated into the vocal cords.

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