You Can’t Just Stroll Everywhere

, , , | Right | April 2, 2021

I work in an enchanted tiki room at a theme park. This attraction has a waiting area that is rather constricted; the fire marshal has placed a restriction on the area telling us not to admit strollers. The issue is that we have companion restrooms in this waiting area and many families attempt to use them with their strollers. Many are understanding; others are not.

A guest attempts to push her stroller in.

Me: *In my friendliest tone* “Hi there! Strollers will have to be parked outside before coming in, please!”

Guest: “I’m just taking my kid to the restroom.”

Me: “That is fine. We just have a fire marshal regulation for the waiting area that says strollers have to be parked outside.”

Guest: *Now becoming irate* “But I am not going in to see the show. I am just using the restroom.”

Me: “And you are more than welcome to use the restroom. But the stroller needs to be parked outside because of the fire marshal regulation.”

Guest: “I understand what you are saying, but they let me in last time!”

If you understand what I am saying, why are you continuing to argue the point?

Me: “I don’t know what happened last time, but we still have a fire marshal regulation.”

We stare at each other intensely. The guest then smiles wide and replies with the biggest sarcastic tone:

Guest: “Have a happy, magical day, [My Name]!”

She turned and, as she walked away, she lifted her arm up and flipped me off.

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