You Can’t Help Those Who Don’t Want To Be Helped

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(I’m on break and I’m grabbing some drinks for me and my coworker. I walk back into the store as she’s checking out a little old lady at the counter. Another guy is there and he’s holding a box, about to check out next.)

Coworker: “Okay, ma’am, here’s your change! Thank you for shopping at [Store]! Hope you have a great day!”

Old Lady: *as she’s putting her change in her wallet* “Thank you!”

(Suddenly the man at the counter SLAMS the box down on the counter and storms out of the store in a rage. I’m not even ten feet into the store and I literally stop in my tracks as this guy goes by; you can just about feel the seething anger from three feet away.)

Coworker: *as he’s leaving* “Sir! I was just about ready to help… you… Okay, then.”

(The little old lady hurries out after the guy and my coworker and I are left alone in the store. My coworker angrily shoves the cash drawer closed.)

Me: “What the crap just happened?”

Coworker: “That woman was taking her sweet d*** time and picking things out, and I asked while she was looking if I could help the other guy. She said sure, that’s fine, and I asked him if he needed any help. He said no. So I continue helping the lady — who was also kind of rude, by the way — and then as I’m just about done ringing her up… Well, you saw.”

Me: “Um? Did he seem like he was in a bad mood? Or in a hurry?”

Coworker: *throwing up her hands* “I have no idea. He seemed fine when I asked him if he wanted any help.”

Me: “Customers, right? Here’s your coffee. I’ll watch the store. Go take five.”

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