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You Can’t Help Every Person A Few Slices Short Of A Full Pie

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I work at a deli/bakery attached to a restaurant. We hand-make all of our bakery items on-site every day. It’s all very fresh and high-quality. As a result, it’s a bit expensive. Most people come to the counter after eating in the restaurant, but there is the option to come straight to the counter.

A man comes in. It’s immediately obvious he’s homeless. He’s also disabled and I’m guessing he has Tourette’s based on the loud noises he keeps making. No one else wants to serve him. I come around the counter to take his order.

He wants a pecan pie and water. I order his water and write out a ticket for a pecan pie.

I hand him the ticket.

Customer: “How much is it?”

Me: “It’s $16.95.”

It’s a full-sized pecan pie like anyone would serve a whole family.

Customer: *Suddenly angry* “No, no give me something I can buy for five dollars.”

Again, we’re high-quality and a bit pricey. There are a few things in my case for under five, and as I start to think through what I could offer him, he shoves angrily back, running into other guests.

Customer: *Very aggressively runs into another woman* “Move! Out of my way!”

He reaches the glass door and rams his chair into it to force it open. He hits so hard that I worry the glass is going to break.


I feel bad for him and most homeless people. I’ve been homeless. I was willing to do what I could, but this was insane. I wish I could have helped him.

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