You Can’t Forget This Customer

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My cashier shift is ending soon so I begin to clean up my area. A customer approaches me while I have my back turned to my register.

Customer: “You open?”

Me: “I can be.”

I turn around as my customer leaves some clothes on my counter and says he’s going to go look at the sunglasses.

Me: “Please take your items with you, since I am about to leave and won’t be about to watch them!”

The customer gives me a “yeah, yeah” response. I get annoyed and put his clothes on our go-back rack.

Ten minutes later:

Customer: “What happened to my clothes?”

Me: “I told you to take them with you because I am not responsible if another customer picks them up.”

Customer: “Well, that is ridiculous. How was I supposed to know?”

Me: “I have them here, but for future reference, please take them with you. We don’t hold items since the registers are so busy.”

I check him out and he leaves the store only to come back a few minutes later while I am checking out a young customer.

Customer: “I lost some s***. I think my keys.”

I look at my younger customer and ask for a few moments because someone brought some keys and a cellphone up the customer service because they found them on the floor.

Me: “Did you lose just your keys, or something else?”

Customer: “Just my keys. Wait, do you have money too?”

Me: “No, I have keys and something else you usually keep on you. Anything else you’ve lost?”

Customer: “No, you think I’m stupid?”

Me: “Do you have your cell phone on you?”

Customer: *Checks his pockets* “NO! I don’t!”

Me: “What does your cell phone look like?”

Customer: “Umm… uh… Samsung and cracked screen.”

It matches, so I give him his items. He leaves the store and my young customer looks at me.

Young Customer: “Is that what people on drugs act like?”

Me: “Possibly, always be aware of your surroundings. Always.”

Young Customer:Oh, no! He’s coming back.”

After the guy had retrieved his cell phone and his keys, he forgot he’d left his purchase on the ledge next to the exit doors. My customer was so scared.

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