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You Can’t Eat Cell Phones

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My husband and I are not rich, but we manage our money very carefully — used cars, cheaper model TVs, a modest home, etc. [Husband] is also VERY tight with money.

[Husband]’s younger brother is constantly struggling with money. In his defense, he works hard, but he doesn’t make much money although; he isn’t really a skilled laborer. About every other month, [Brother] calls and doesn’t have enough money for groceries, utilities, etc. I’ve told [Husband] that I don’t think [Brother] manages what little money he does have very well, but I don’t say anything when [Husband] sends him money.

Then, this happened. I broke my iPhone. [Husband] was NOT happy about it. (He thinks I was careless in handling it; I left it on top of the car.) He had the following conversation with his brother.

Husband: “My wife broke her iPhone — like we are made of money or something — so she had to spend $300 to get a new one.”

Brother: “$300?! What did she get?”

Husband: “A renewed iPhone 8.”

Brother: “Are you kidding?! I could not possibly do with anything less than a 12.”  

Husband: “You have a 12? How much did that cost?”

Brother: “Oh, only [amount] per month.”

Husband: “So, you don’t think that [amount] per month should go to groceries?”

Brother: “You don’t understand. I have to have it.”

The next time [Brother] needs money, [Husband] plans on telling him to sell his phone.

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