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You Can’t Bully Them Into A Discount

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: IncenseAndIron | March 31, 2022

I work in a hotel. My property opened a bit over a year ago. Being newly opened and in the midst of a health crisis, we were a little more generous on rate discounts just to generate some revenue. We had a guy who booked a few rooms for himself and his work crew. He is a lifetime high-status rewards member. These kinds of people are either extremely cool or about as friendly as a hernia; this guest was absolutely the latter.

The guest initially booked for three nights, and we gave him a pretty discounted rate at the jump. I mean, we’re talking like a $69 a night rate. This guy? Nope. He was at the desk two or three times a DAY to complain about something or to take something from the cooler that he insisted he didn’t have to pay for (he did), and he would always, always try to get his rate lowered. He stayed with us a few more times while we were getting our feet wet, we kept giving him his reduced rate, and he just kept on bullying the staff for free stuff, lower rates, and so on and so forth.

He made a booking for thirty-nine nights at least seven months later. He booked two rooms at $99 a night — still a good rate. He spoke directly with our director of sales and knew exactly what he was paying, what he agreed to, and what to expect.

So, what does he do? He checks in and immediately takes six sodas out of the cooler.

Me: “Would you like to pay with cash or card? Or would you prefer to charge it to the room?”

Guest: “I’m a lifetime [rewards program] member; this is free.”

NOPE. We’re going right into the same old behaviors.

Me: “Sir, you get two complimentary waters and a select snack item per room every day, but everything else has to be paid for.”

Guest: “I’m taking the sodas. If you charge me, I’ll claim it as fraud.”

I charge them to his room, recap it to management, inform them what happened, and even pulled the camera footage to prove it. Fifteen minutes later, the guest wants to discuss his rate.

Guest: “I need my rate lowered.”

Me: “You’re in for thirty-nine nights at our extended stay rate of $99 a night. I can’t lower it more.”

Guest: “Then make sure it’s tax-exempt.”

Me: “Okay. I just need to copy your tax-exempt paperwork.”

Guest: “No, you don’t. Fix my f****** rate.”

Me: “Yeah, I’m unable to without your paperwork.”

Guest: “[Director Of Sales] has it.”

Me: “But I don’t. I literally cannot change it without those papers. You have you speak to [Director Of Sales] in the morning.”

Guest: “You’re useless.”

And he walked off.

As it turned out, the director of sales did not have this paperwork, because it didn’t exist.

This guy went through nearly this exact process every shift, every day, for the next three days. He also liked to tell us how his other crew was staying at a local mom-and-pop property for $59 a night and we needed to match it because his rate was lowered last time.

On the fourth morning, our general manager told him flat-out that we were not providing him a lowered rate, we were not making it tax-exempt, and if he did not like that, he was free to leave and stay with another property.

After he tried to size up and push around our five-foot-two general manager, she checked him out, gave him his receipts, and told him he was no longer allowed on this property. He had fifteen minutes to pack and vacate or the police would be called. From what I was told, buddy boy knew he’d messed up and left with his tail between his legs.

Don’t be a chronic a** hole to the staff of the hotel you stay at. You will not win.

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