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You Can’t Be Citrus! Part 2

, , , | Right | June 4, 2021

My workplace is a tea store where you can buy loose tea and we package it directly for you. An elderly couple comes in and seems very determined; I assume they’re regulars that know what they want.

Customer #1: “We need 100g of green tea with orange.”

Me: “We have orange-grapefruit and strawberry-orange but no green tea that is just orange. Did you mean either of these two? The only tea with orange we have is black.”

Suddenly, it’s like a switch has been flipped. They both sneer at me. The woman starts cussing and calling me stupid among a few more not-so-nice things.

Customer #1: “We bought it here before!”

Me: “Maybe we do not stock it anymore.”

Customer #2: “Honey, maybe it wasn’t orange. Maybe it was something else. We’ll recognize it if we see it.”

There were no other customers, and I had time to kill, so I proceeded to take our little test cups and scoop a bit of every one of our green teas — two and a half wall-high shelves full of boxes — to show them.

The tea they had bought before was ginger-lemon, which smells so strongly like lemon that it reminds me of citrus-scented air freshener.

You Can’t Be Citrus

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