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You Can Survive A Fire, But Not An Entitled Customer

, , , | Right | CREDIT: FatFlowerPunk | April 27, 2021

We have a regular at our hotel. We’ll call her Miss Smith. Now, I’m pretty new to this property but I have been warned she is unpleasant. Miss Smith always has room 101. A week ago a man whose house had caught fire checked into 101 under the relief disaster folks. Today Miss Smith arrives:

Me: “Miss Smith, unfortunately, room 101 is occupied and has been for about a week.”

Customer: *Starts going off.* “I’ll never stay here again! If I’d known I’d have stayed at [Competitor Hotel] across the way!”

Me: “I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Customer: Screaming. “You should move him! I’m a loyal member!”

Me: “I can’t just make a guest move rooms for you, ma’am.”

She takes her keys to her room, just a little down the hall. On the way, she STOPS at 101 and starts banging on the door! This man was a victim of a house fire. He’s distraught and wants to rest. He opens the door and she starts screaming at him. I’m already hustling my little body down the hall, phone in hand, because there’s no way I’m letting her stay and disrupt the hotel like this.

As I’m dialing the police she THROWS HER COFFEE AT ME! Thankfully it was iced and not hot but f***, y’all. I finished my shift in a too-small spare work shirt with sticky hair, waiting on the police to come arrest her.

All this over a room. All the rooms on that floor are exactly the same. Cleaned by the same housekeeper.

Question of the Week

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