You Can Snap Off Somewhere Else!  

, , , | Right | November 22, 2019

(I am shopping at a store whose workers are known for their red shirts and khaki pants. I am wearing a sleeveless red blouse with flowers and capris, so my clothes look nothing like their uniforms.)

Customer: *snaps fingers at me* “Ahem!”

Me: *blinks at her and ignores her*

Customer: *snaps fingers at me again, glaring* “Hello!”

Me: *realizing she thinks I work there* “Human beings do not address each other by snapping their fingers.”

Customer: “I will treat you however I want.”

Me: “With that attitude, you’re welcome to shop elsewhere.” *walks off*

(She followed me for a short time, calling me names, until I went to a manager about her harassing me. She disappeared quickly after that.)

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