You Can Park Your Little Mansplanation Right There

, , , , | Right | December 3, 2019

(I work in the accounting office in an apartment building. I also handle parking. I’ve recently assigned a spot to a tenant. Note that I’m fairly new to this location and I’m female.)

Tenant: “I don’t like this spot. It’s too far from my building.”

Me: “I understand, but this is the closest spot available until someone moves out.”

Tenant: “But I want to be closer. I know exactly what spot I want. It’s [number].”

Me: “That spot is currently being rented by someone else.”

Tenant: “But I want it. It’s always empty when I look.”

Me: “They can rent it and not park there. It’s their money and their right. Or maybe they’re at work.”

Tenant: “Let me explain it to you another way.” *grabs a pen and paper off my desk* “Since you’re new, this may help.” *draws a rough map of the site layout and points to the spot he wants and where he is* “We’re in this building. I live here. I’m parked here. I want this spot.” *sits back with a smile as if he’s explained the universe to me*

Me: “Did you just mansplain my job to me?”

Tenant: “I… Well… A map…”

Me: “…does not change that [number] is currently being rented. Do you want to call them and tell them that you want [number]? I can arrange that meeting if you want.”

Tenant: “No, I just want it.”

Me: “No. You’ve mansplained it to me, as if I’d say yes now, and don’t understand that it’s unavailable.”

Tenant: “Will you call me when it’s available?”

(Apparently, my real feelings showed on my face, because he left quickly after that.)

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