You Can Only See The Eyes, But What Angry Eyes!

, , , , | Right | July 6, 2020

As always, I’ve put on my mask before exiting my car and entering the store. I see a shopper without a mask.

Me: “You forgot your mask.”

My voice, even masked, is naturally loud. I’m not yelling, but I can be heard by every nearby shopper.

Mask-less Moron: “I don’t have to wear one in here, right?”

Me: “Technically speaking, no.”

I pause for an instant.

Me: “BUT…”

I gesture to the ten masked shoppers around us who are giving the Mask-less Moron death glares from a proper physical distance.

Mask-less Moron: “Uh… um… I think I left my wallet in my car.” 

Mask-less Moron proceeded to vamoose very quickly.

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