You Can Lead A Dog To People Food…

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When my father was in his early twenties and living alone, he decided to get a rescue puppy for company. Being young and stubborn, he decided dog food was disgusting and the pup would eat the same thing he got for his meals, as a true friend should. He would leave a bowl of dog food out for her just until she got used to it.

It went okay in the first week, but Dad noticed the pup always left any bread he gave her uneaten. Since my dad absolutely loves bread, this seemed unacceptable to him. So, he decided he’d give the pup a piece of bread first at any meal, and only after she ate the bread would she get other food. 

So, whenever my dad sat on the table, he gave a piece of bread to the dog. Burger? Puppy got bread. Chicken? Puppy got bread. Well, it turns out this dog really hated bread and never ate any of it, so my dad — did I mention he’s stubborn? –- never gave her the actual human food he wanted to give and she asked for. The dog was eating dog food exclusively.

Eventually, the pup must have decided human food might smell delicious but it all tasted like the same bad stuff. And she never came begging again. She passed when I was about ten, at sixteen years old, and never ate human food at all. Even when I tried to pass her stuff from the table I didn’t want to eat, she’d just leave it there and I’d get in trouble. My mom always looked for stuff left on the floor and called the dog her co-parent.

So, this is how Kat the dog accidentally became the politest dog ever, and my whole family still laughs at Dad over it. And fortunately, when we got a new puppy in my teens, my dad agreed dog food was okay after all and never tried the same stunt again.

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