You Can Just Go And Shovel It!

| Friendly | February 13, 2017

(My husband and I live in a freehold townhouse and share a wide driveway with the unit next to us. The owners moved out in the summer and basically abandoned the house. Until someone moves in, one of our other neighbours, about five units down the street, uses their driveway to park two of their cars. We had a bit of a snowstorm and my husband is out shovelling our half of the driveway. The neighbour’s son, in his 20s, comes over.)

Neighbor’s Son: “Don’t be afraid to shovel this side of the driveway!”

Husband: *stops and stares* “I never shovelled it before, so WHY would I shovel it now?”

Neighbor’s Son: “But we’re parking our cars here now! It needs to be shovelled!”

Husband: “If you want it shoveled, I suggest you shovel it yourself.”

Neighbor’s Son: “Whatever, dude.” *storms away*

(Um, excuse me? Our side of the driveway alone is long and wide. WHY would someone just assume that we would double the workload for something that is not our problem nor would it benefit us?? Especially a 20-something asking my 50-year-old husband! Needless to say, no one has shovelled that half of the driveway and right now it’s an icy lawsuit waiting to happen. But our side is clean as a whistle.)

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