You Can Improve This Space

| PA, USA | Friendly | March 31, 2016

(For my birthday I have received a ton of space-themed stuff, such as a travel mug with the planets in our solar system on it, a book on astronomy, and amusingly enough, several packets of “astronaut food.” Friend #1 seems a little confused like she’s been left out of a joke.)

Friend #1: “Why did everyone get you space-themed stuff?”

Friend #2: “Because she’s obsessed with space-themed stuff?”

Friend #1: “She is? How did you all know that?”

Me: *overhearing* “How do YOU not know that? I painstakingly recreated several constellations with glow in the dark stars on my bedroom walls and ceiling, my favorite video game is a space opera, my favorite movies are Aliens and Apollo 13, I’m constantly re-blogging posts from NASA on Facebook, I’ve got an entire bookshelf full of books on astronomy on it, and I’ve told you several times that I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut!”

Friend #3: “Haven’t you two been friends since kindergarten?”

Friend #1: “Clearly I’m just very bad at noticing things…”

(So, maybe she didn’t realize I’ve had a lifelong obsession with astronomy, but I love her anyway. And for the record, even though her gift was one of two given that day that weren’t space-themed, it was something I love and use constantly.)

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